Luba AZ Piano 2 comp

Luba began playing piano at 5 years old under the tutelage of an excellent teacher and attended St. Petersburg Mravinsky School of Arts for Children for 9 years. Russian schools are very disciplined, far more than American schools. Students are expected to have a passion for both playing and practice, discipline that will last throughout their lives. Russian-trained teachers are rare in America and highly sought after for their expertise and understanding of pedagogy. You won't find them in most commercial music schools as a result.

Luba's Approach

When it comes to teaching children, I treat them as individuals which allows them to co-create their learning process. This gives me much joy because I am able to actively facilitate, yet act responsively to their learning process.

My main focus includes theory, technique and sight reading. Keeping these themes in mind, my students are able to achieve great success. I've been told my Russian method of teaching produces much better results; students learn faster, with enhanced arm/hand positions and play better sooner.

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