"Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos."

- Stephen Sondheim


I'm glad you are here and thank you for your visit. I'm devoted to my craft, sharing the gift of music across a spectrum of knowledge and understanding of piano pedagogy and developing young minds. Music helps sort out the chaos so often surrounding us, too. Concentration and focus are key, and practice is essential.

My students receive the benefit of two cultures, at least, and my knowledge of classical music history gives more understanding of the music and its origin. Our lessons are fun, yet strict and students really love our time together. The growth in their ability and musicality is easily recognizable by parents.

Lessons are in-studio - Dobson/Germann area in Chandler, Arizona. If you are on a mobile, you can click here to give me a call or leave a message or send a message below. Thank you for your visit.

Your Piano Teacher in Brief...

Luba Brodsky-Benefiel - Piano Pedagogue; piano and theory teacher. Luba began Love for Music Piano Studio to serve an ever-growing student need for excellent teachers. Her Russian style and training is known for high quality and superior results, such as the review below.

"My kids have learned phenomenal technique and theory. Not only have they learned technical skills but the story and history behind each classical piece. Luba is patient and kind and I would highly recommend her for a piano teacher." Jenny Okland, Mesa, AZ

Expert Piano Instruction - Assessment for fit is FREE - Must be 5 years of age - lesson rates are below. 

Potential students must have good sense of rhythm and tonality, perhaps showing a gifted sense of musicality. I assess each student for fit, so make sure to set up a time with me. I'll make that enjoyable for your student, too, and you'll be able to see how I work with them, and you. Please read on for important details.

For group lessons your student will need a midi digital piano with weighted keys (88) for practice at home or an acoustic piano for private students. It is imperative that your student has an instrument at home to practice their assignments.

Feel free to reach out for an interview through the email links below or calling me directly.

Private Piano and Theory* Lesson Rates

Studio Policy (click to download)

Private lessons at my studio:
(paid monthly - 4 weeks**)
30 Minutes - $45 / $180 per month 
45 Minutes - $60 / $240 per month
60 Minutes - $80 / $320 per month

*Additional fees for Arizona Music Association annual test. Fees include assessment of student, development and delivery of individual study plans.

** Some months have 5 weeks and invoices will reflect it.

The Healing Power of Piano

I'm honored to have my story of how piano miraculously helped me recover from a stroke included in 88 MORE Ways Music Can Change Your Life which was released on New Year's Day 2021.

"88 MORE Ways" features over 100 new inspirational music stories and quotes by musicians and non-musicians from around the world. Instinctively, we all know the power of music, but sometimes we can't help taking it for granted.

"I'd like to thank the parents! I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to get to know your children and to work with them each and every week. They continue to amaze me with their intelligence, energy and sense of humor. Thank you for recognizing the value of music in the life of a child. Thank you for the time you invest in supporting your child at home. And, thank you for including me as a part of your child's musical education." ~ Luba

Sonata Tragica - by Edward Macdowell performed by Luba Brodsky-Benefiel

Luba's brief moment of sharing about music, discipline and piano.

More About...

Celebrated violinist Nokuthula Ngwenyama with pianist Luba Brodsky

Luba Brodsky-Benefiel graduated from the Mussorgsky College of Music in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a major in Piano Pedagogy and Performance. She also studied at Kneisel Hall in Maine, USA with Seymour Lipkin (RIP).

Shortly after arriving in the United States, sought after by ASU patrons, Luba became accompanist for the Arizona State University Departments of Dance and Choral Music. She also accompanied and recorded for Ballet Arizona and West Valley Symphony.

Ms. Brodsky-Benefiel accompanied for the Department of Dance at the University of California Irvine. While there, she performed with such entertainers as Patrick Swayze, Irena Kolpakova, and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Her professional resume speaks to her expertise with the instrument.

Luba is a member of Phoenix Music Teachers Association (PMTA) and Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). Ms. Brodsky-Benefiel is also a featured accompanist for the annual Arizona Vivaldi Festival, formerly held at Arcosanti in Mayer, Arizona.

She currently teaches privately at her studio in Chandler, Arizona. Her students perform in annual recitals and participate in performance and theory exams sponsored by PMTA.

I'm thankful for the recognition I recently received and the beautiful award. It is an honor to be recognized for the work that I so love to do.

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