Precious moment performing in a Vivaldi Festival

"Luba is an amazing teacher. Our daughter loves her. She makes it fun and my daughter finally enjoys practicing." Matt D.

"Really glad to have found out about Luba and her school in Chandler. Our daughter really enjoys learning with Luba, and we look forward to hearing her progress!" Eric L.

"Luba came highly recommended from a friend and we are so glad we found her!! She is very sweet and patient and makes the piano lesson fun. My daughter likes that she is positive and helps her to be the best she can be! Thank you Luba!" Carly T.

"Luba Is special to our family. I am thankful we found her! She works so hard with my daughters and gives them so much in their lessons. The girls love her, and almost considers her family. It is exciting to hear and watch their skills improve throughout the years. I am thankful for her." Katelyn T.

"Ms. Luba is an exceptional teacher and a lovely person. She has been teaching my six-year-old daughter for six months and they have progressed quickly and smoothly. My daughter enjoys practicing (!!!), is proud of her progress and is eager for her lesson each week. I am so grateful for the enormously positive experience my daughter is having and highly recommend Ms. Luba!" Sasha G

"Luba is a fantastic teacher. She is nice but firm, very focused on technique and want to make sure our kids are making progress, but also liking piano lessons. Kids are enjoying and looking forward to their lessons." Katya B.

"Our son has been learning piano from Luba for the past few years. Although we moved out of the Phoenix area, we were very clear in continuing with Luba through Skype . Luba has been extremely encouraging and very patient with kids. We are very pleased with our son's progress. Luba manages to have the right combination of talent, kindness, encouragement and strictness. She's obvioulsy extremely qualified and talented, but also knows how to teach effectively. Many times she wants you to bring the right musical nuances of power and subtleness so that the student derives the musical experience. Through this process, I have seen that my son starts to implement them and developed more interest in piano.

In every class, she watches his hand techniques and playing style and points out all the subtle nuances in the music, applauds him, challenges him and encourages him to practice more. Overall we feel that she is an extremely well qualified and a great teacher. Sub and Raji"

"I had been teaching piano to myself for a year before I started taking lessons with Luba. After a few months with her lessons once a week my technique, musical knowledge, and overall musical ability improved greatly, much more than I could have achieved by myself! After 6 months of lessons, I entered into my first competition and won third place against experienced players! Luba is very knowledgeable about music theory and piano technique. She improved my playing quickly by teaching me the right technique, how to practice effectively, explaining different parts of each piece in detail, and giving me an excellent sense of direction in my lessons. With that sense of direction came a firm demand for work and practice. Having said that Luba is very friendly, always patient with me and listens to the input I give. The end result was more than worth the time I spent practicing. I would recommend Luba to any person who wishes to excel at the piano!" Ben W.