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Beginning August 1, 2022

1863 W. Homestead Dr., Chandler AZ, 85286

Each quarter is 13 weeks in length. The tuition includes 13 private lessons

TUITION: Make checks payable to:  Love for Music Piano Studio LLC
There are two payment options available to all students, defined below.

  • Full Quarter tuition paid in advance at the first lesson of each
  • The monthly payment plan is based on 13 week tuition. 13th lesson is free.
  • Monthly Payments are due by the first lesson of each month.
  • Students on the monthly plan continue automatically unless cancelled.


30 minute lesson = $45

$ 540.00

1 free lesson

45 minute lesson = $60

$ 720.00

1 free lesson

60 minute lesson = 80

$ 960.00

1 free lesson

Monthly Payments (2022)

Student’s schedules may vary from 4 to 5 week months and will be invoiced accordingly.                                         

EASY Payments Available:  Invoices will be sent to the parent’s email listed on this application. Preferred method of payment is through Zelle, a free service available through most banks.

REGISTRATION  FEE:   Once a year fee due by October 1. It is: $25.00 per student or $45.00 per family (2 or more)

This fee covers the cost of recitals, programs, lesson materials, lending library (borrowed music) and incentives. This fee is non-refundable regardless if the student completes the full year of lessons.

MUSIC & STUDY REQUIREMENTS: Students are responsible for the cost of new materials. Prompt payment (next lesson) is appreciated. A notebook is recommended for tracking lesson and practice requirements.


These programs are provided by the Phoenix Music Teachers Association and are recommended. Fees for the ABOVE are required before the event and are non-refundable.

MISSED LESSONS: Make-up lessons are provided only in the case of 24-hour in advance notice of the student’s illness (not other family members); severe weather, or teacher absence.

SUMMER LESSONS: A MINIMUM of 3 private lessons over the course of the summer (June/July) is required to remain in the studio program.

RECITALS: Participation in two recitals during the year is required. They occur in May and December.

REFUNDS: There are no refunds of tuition except in the case of extreme illness or family emergency. The lesson time is reserved for the semester. If a student who is on the monthly plan decides to discontinue at any time during the semester, the balance of the full semester tuition is due at the last lesson.

LATE PAYMENTS: LATE FEES: A $50.00 fee will be added for payments more than 30 days overdue. Payment is due by the FIRST lesson of the month/semester.

PRACTICE REQUIREMENTS: Individual progress and time requirements as prescribed. Failure to practice on a regular basis will result in dismissal.

RECITALS: There are two studio recitals per year. All students performing are expected to stay for the ENTIRE recital. Listening to their piers is as much a part of the experience as the student’s personal performance. If a student cannot stay to the end of the recital then they will not be included in the recital.

CANCELLATION: Parents can cancel at any time with 30-day written notice and remaining time (after 30-days) is available as a refund. Teacher may cancel at any time with refund of remaining time.